Українські міста в Інтернеті-інтегральний веб-портал

About project

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

We are glad to inform you that Institute of Society Transformation (IST) created brand new Internet product – integral web portal «Ukrainian cities in Internet”, which is unique for Ukraine. Today it unites 42 cities (about 10 percents of all Ukrainian cities) the sites of which developed and supported by the Institute of Society Transformation. News that come directly from these cities and also news from all regions of Ukraine, city of Kyiv and actual economic and political information of national character are placed at the site.
At the portal are placed: legislative and normative base of local self-government; the information about Administrative-territorial division of Ukraine and models of Administrative-territorial Reform in Ukraine, which would be established in Ukraine; materials about forming and activity of All Ukrainian Council of city mayors and about partnership of the Ukrainian and European cities; international experience of local self-government (Netherlands, France, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Poland); „Ukrainian cities Informational bulletin” published by IST; inquiry and business information that can be useful for local authority and cities inhabitants; books and articles about local self-government etc.

The portal contains the interactive modules (guest book, questioning, announcement, discussion and comments of city practices and events, forum); photo galleries of Ukrainian cities etc.

The site is created within the framework of the Matra KAP program of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Ukraine.

Visit and know straight from the horse's mouth about the current state and problems of development of the Ukrainian cities!

Yours faithfully, 
Oleh Soskin, 
Director of Institute of Society Transformation



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